Why is Soil Structure so Important?

Soil plays a huge role in the success or failure of your design efforts. Unfortunately, most of the soil around existing sites lacks balanced structure and pore space.

Ideal Soil                                                                   Sandy Soil

• Comprised of 50% solid material                       • This soil contains too many air-holding

and 50% pore space (for holding                            pores and not enough water-holding pores

water and air)                                                                      

 • Different sized pores allow soil                        • Sandy soil can’t hold moisture or

to drain properly while maintaining                        nutrients like ideal soil, increasing

ideal moisture level                                                 the risk of drought stress 

»» In Sandy Soils —Turface absorbs water and increases the moisture‑holding capacity of the soil, reducing watering frequency.Turface has a high Cation Exchange Capacity which captures fertilizer nutrients that otherwise would be lost.